"My name is Tim Kappel, 25 years old and currently working in the Control Tower department within KLG Venlo. In the period from February to June 2019, I did an internship at KLG as a graduation project for the college course 'Logistics Management'. The goal of the graduation project was process optimization and specifically the POD process within KLG.

I throughly enjoyed my internship at KLG and this was mainly due to the excellent supervision and commitment of several colleagues within the company. Given the positive reactions from both sides, I was offered the opportunity to continue working within KLG after the internship ended.

Currently, I am working in the Control Tower department and am mainly engaged in making analyses for KLG's customers and partners. I am also currently working on implementing the improvements that came to light during my graduation period. It therefore gives me a good feeling and confidence to see that something is actually being done with the findings from my graduation research."

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