"There was no job opening, but my father-in-law told me that you can always call KLG. I did, and five weeks later I was allowed to start work. I called KLG Europe at random because I was looking for a job nearby. On the phone they said they were always looking for good people and I was immediately invited for an interview. What I like most is the variety in the warehouse. One moment I am loading, the next moment I am unloading and in between I have contact with the drivers. It's great to run through the warehouse like that."

Working at KLG Europe suits me just fine. There are plenty of career opportunities and you have great colleagues. An office job will never be for me, but even then you can do anything you want within KLG Europe. You get a lot of trust at KLG Europe. If my supervisor is on vacation, I can take over his tasks. They always give you the chance to grow if you have that ambition.
I work with great colleagues. There is a good atmosphere and we can talk to each other about anything. Whether that's about work or anything outside of it."

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