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You are known for your listening ear, empathy and helpfulness. You have self-confidence and think in solutions. You derive pleasure from unburdening customers and providing optimal service. Contribute to our company's already high customer satisfaction and apply for our customer service (key accounts) vacancies today.

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Every day is different

Logistics is a dynamic and rapidly changing world. Those who work in logistics once are often hooked. This is also what makes a job in customer service at KLG so interesting. You work at a global player, but enjoy the personal warm contacts. Every day in logistics guarantees new challenges. You take them with both hands and know you can always rely on the extensive knowledge of the team behind you.

Stories of colleagues


"An independent job where you can still always turn to your colleagues."

Linda Coppens
Key Accounts
The story of Linda

Working as a Customer Service employee at KLG Europe?

Quality is of paramount importance at KLG. We think along with the customer in solutions, are innovative, proactive and entrepreneurial. At KLG, we offer Borderless Logistics and unparalleled service. The Customer Service department, also called our key account department, is therefore a very important key in our organization. As a Customer Service Employee it is your job to unburden the customer of all questions and to solve problems, preferably before the customer even notices.

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