Sven Janssen, 22 years old, intern human resources, 4th year HRM student at the University of  Arnhem Nijmegen

What I immediately noticed within KLG was the pleasant, cozy and friendly atmosphere. Everyone talks with each other and everyone gets along well. Jokes can be made during the work, however, everyone also works very hard and serious, something which I think is a good combination. At the moment my workplace is divided over the both the HR- as well as the quality and legal department. Within both departments I am part of a nice team with nice colleagues, which I experience as very pleasant and educational. Due to the division between both departments and the walking group during the break, I was able to get to know my colleagues faster.

Until the end of May, I will be conducting an employee engagement survey. I will investigate what KLG can do by means of internal communication, to allow employees to become even more involved with the organization. Mainly the focus will be on the research and depending on how busy I am with this, I can gain practical working experience. HR does not want to burden me with work so that I can meet school deadlines, which I really like.

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