Paul Dabekaussen - Teacher transport and logistics study at Gilde opleidingen te Venlo

"KLG Europe offers various opportunities to our students from the 'Transport and Logistics' study to fill internships.

Students are placed in the various shipping and transport planning departments, in Customer Service or Customs. They can gain impressions at Sales and the Tender Desk or be assigned to various activities in the Warehouse or Crossdock.

Ideal for students who want to discover where their preferences lie with a view to their upcoming career.

Interns are included and approached as colleagues at KLG and are a full part of the team in which they work. KLG's practical trainers know that interns can make a productive contribution to the company, but also realize that they are in an important phase of their learning process in which they need guidance.

Not for nothing do so many of our students continue to work at KLG after their final internship.

A visit to KLG often feels to me as a teacher like a reunion with former students.

KLG is always open to cooperation for us as a Logistics College. This has been happening for many years in a pleasant and constructive way."

Edwin van den Boom en Peet Stals - Teachers Commercial Education at Gilde opleidingen te Venlo

"We have been working with KLG as a training company for many years with great pleasure and to our complete satisfaction. Our experience is that KLG guides our students professionally and with great attention; we hear this back from our students more than once.

KLG goes the extra mile: in collaboration with Gilde Opleidingen, a commercial do-day has been planned for May 12. During this day, students will have ample opportunity to apply the knowledge gained at school to KLG's issues. During internships, students are given extensive opportunities to become acquainted with the various sides of KLG's (commercial) activities. It is therefore not surprising that several of our students have chosen KLG as a workplace after graduation."

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