"Driving for KLG Europe is very pleasant. Everything is arranged correctly. From documents for the road such as customs matters and loading and unloading papers, to your monthly salary.
Every week I drive up and down to France. There are very nice trips in between. Usually I am on the road for 5 days. Now, for example, I go to Marseille with four unloading points there and some loading addresses on the way back. And on weekends I'm always home.

I have been working for KLG Europe for 27 years now. First as a charter, now for 18 years with a contract. Everything is arranged perfectly for you.
Drivers at KLG Europe drive nice equipment. When defects occur, you are helped quickly, even when you are on the road. If necessary, the mechanics will even come to you. And at the KLG garage everything is also taken care of down to the last detail.
I am always scheduled correctly. I also receive timely notification to get my ADR Certificate, as well as Code 95. Everything is taken care of on time and correctly."

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