"I studied 'Manager Warehousing and Transport' at the Gilde Opleidingen in Venlo. I did an internship at the Benelux Planning department where I was first introduced to the Transport Management System (TMS) and KLG. Because I quickly mastered the system, I was soon entering shipments and contacting customers, carriers and our partners about the loads we outsource and which we receive from customers. In the process, I was taking many calls from the drivers who were on the road for us and calling with questions.

When I came here to do an internship, I already had quite a transport background (I was a truck driver myself partly because of the interest I have in transport). So planning was not new to me, but at every company they work differently. Soon enough, I started looking in with the planner and sharing my experience and expertise on how I thought about the planned routes. Soon enough I got a conversation about what I wanted to do after college and if I was interested in coming to work here. I had an ear for this and before my internship was finished, I had already been offered and signed a contract.

KLG was an instructive internship company for me where you were given the space to get to know the system and the work. You were also given the space to work independently which gave you a sense of belonging, being part of the family. During the internship I was well guided by my internship supervisor. Because KLG is a close-knit family company, you soon feel at home and are supported by everyone if you have a question or are struggling with something.

KLG offered me the opportunity to come work here after my studies in a nice team and company where you feel at home and part of the family. You get the chance to grow here in the future.

I now have the position of Transport Coordinator Benelux. Every other day I plan the routes for the trucks that load and unload in the Benelux for KLG. The next day I do my own planning (trucks and routes) supervising. This means that if a driver has a problem, he can come to me. For example, if the loading or unloading reference is not correct and he has to wait or if he ends up in a traffic jam and he is not going to make the route, then I am going to help him so that the driver can get on again quickly."


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