"I completed the following education: 'Manager Transport & Logistics' at Gilde studies in Venlo, mbo level 4. I did several internships at KLG.

KLG was an instructive internship company for me in the first year. I liked it so much that I asked if it would be possible to do an internship at the same place for two years. And so I was also allowed to return in the second year, with the approvals of KLG and Gilde Opleidingen.

So KLG gave me the opportunity to do an internship here for two years. In this I was able to learn a lot and in the meantime I work at KLG with a permanent contract in the planning department UK & Ireland. My work involves finding combinations where possible, chartering trips, supervising them, and keeping customers satisfied and proactively informed. This also includes the administrative handling so that everything is systematically correct."

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