From intern, to All-round Warehouse Employee, to Warehouse Coordinator!
"I took the Logistics course at the Gilde in Venlo. Here I took the following three courses and did an internship at KLG each year.

Year 1: Logistics Assistant Level 2 (BOL)
Year 2: Logistics Team Leader Level 3 (BBL)
Year 3: Logistics Supervisor Level 4 (BBL)

KLG helped and supported me well to complete my courses successfully. Everyone was there for me when I needed information to complete certain assignments.

After my first internship period, I was offered work to work in the Warehouse as a logistics employee during the summer vacations. After this I continued with the BBL Process as a Logistics Team Leader (Niv.3) and Logistics Supervisor (Niv.4). As a result, I was immediately offered a permanent job here and worked here for four years in the Warehouse in the warehouse as a Warehouse Employee.


This all went very well, rewarding me to continue my career as Warehouse Coordinator. I have been working as a Warehouse Coordinator for 2.5 years now. In this position, I interact with certain customers who have goods in storage with us and deal with the following duties:

Inbound & Outbound
Customer Service
Customs activities
Financial administrative work."


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