"During the third academic year of my college education (Business Management SME), I started an internship at KLG. My internship assignment focused on mapping the costs of the 24plus general cargo system. Because I had no affinity for logistics, much of the information and much of my internship assignment was new to me. But due to the drive of the organization, I immediately wanted to quickly master all the information. Around the end of my internship period, I got the opportunity to start in a new position, Management Assistant, and to switch from my full-time studies to the part-time variant. The "us-feeling" and the drive in the organization "to go for it together" made me feel right at home since the first day of my internship. This made me feel that I could not say 'no' to this offer. Although at first the combination of working/learning took some getting used to and adjusting.

In the fourth year of my studies, I was given the opportunity to do my graduation project within KLG. This time with a totally different direction, namely Strategic HR. After my hbo I started working full-time and managed to make logistics even more my own.

After completing my higher education I continued the combination of working and learning and in the meantime I have also obtained my Master's degree in Management Science.

I have been working at KLG for over seven years now and I still feel I am in the right place. I feel appreciated, responsible and involved. With a nice team and knowledgeable colleagues, I feel at home. In fact, I can't say anything but that the quote "Borderless Logistics" is true! By taking the chances you get, creating and seizing opportunities yourself, there are borderless opportunities to grow. KLG invests in your abilities but also in you as a person. "

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