I studied business administration and then worked at several companies in different departments. For me personally, administration appeals the most. Because of my work experience, I am also a little better informed in terms of content and in the process get a better overview and picture of the company. KLG has it all very well.

For me, administration is the heart of the organization, but I do understand that probably every department will say that about itself. Our department is very challenging, dynamic and flexible. You see almost the entire administrative picture, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, charters, carriers, shipments, etc. In the administration, you get an impression of what everyone is doing, what they are working on, and of course you see it all go by. So then you not only see the transport shipment to Spain, but you also see the various trips, goods and appointments passing by. That is exactly what I find interesting about my work (the more comprehensive).

I personally like the family feeling. Because of the nice colleagues there is a great atmosphere within KLG and there is always the possibility to develop yourself further.

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