Every morning I am curious about what assignments we receive, and preferably I have them as complex as possible.

I have been working in logistics for 42 years, almost 14 of which have been with KLG.

I was 50 years old when I was asked to join KLG, but given my age at the time I did hesitate. However, it was the right decision and I enjoy working at KLG.

Now I can pass on my enthusiasm about the world of logistics to the new generation. I introduce them to logistics and that is not difficult with my enthusiasm and if young people are open to it! It is great fun to broaden young people's skills and knowledge. Within KLG, they are not only introduced to logistics but also to the ins and outs of international business.

You see interns and students grow and develop within their internship or graduate internship within KLG. It is great to be able to contribute to that.

Sometimes I use examples to tell how things used to be, when orders came in by mail and by telex. In those days we worked with type machines and the fax machine. I think it is important to let the new generation work independently so that they learn to be responsible and provide good service to the customers themselves.


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