"Where IT in other companies requires a ticket or phone call, at KLG we just walk up to the colleague. This ensures fast service and friendly contact. We get many compliments on this.

"We take care of system and network management. When everyone can work without problems, we are doing well. Fortunately, we regularly receive compliments about this. That works very motivating. We also perform updates to the systems outside working hours. That way our colleagues can get back to work the next day and don't have to look at a loading screen.

KLG has grown very quickly in recent years and that includes many new employees. The IT environment cannot be left behind then. We worked hard to get the infrastructure to this high level. We hear from our colleagues that they are very happy users.

After my studies, I was in doubt as to whether I wanted to work directly or opt for a higher education. I expressed this during my job interview at KLG. They assured me that following training and courses is always possible. There are some great studies coming up again that I want to follow and I am sure that after four years working at KLG I will be on average more developed than IT graduates just coming out of college.

Standing still means going backwards in IT. Fortunately, KLG offers great opportunities for training and courses every time. You get a lot of freedom and that includes responsibility. I like that way of working. You can sit at the controls, but you also have to raise your finger when things have gone wrong. And offer a solution, of course.
In my varied job I never get bored. Because KLG is growing, the issues change and usually they come along nicely in between, just when you're not counting on them. That makes for enormous challenges."

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