Celebrating a long-term collaboration in which we teach and learn from each other. "On behalf of Gilde Opleidingen, congratulations on the 2nd place Best Learning Company!"

Today we were pleasantly surprised by our highly valued partner, Gilde Opleidingen (website in Dutch). A few weeks ago we received the wonderful news that we had been nominated for the "Best Training Company" award. The very thoughtful team from Gilde Opleidingen followed us closely and today congratulated us on our second place in the election by means of this sweet surprise, which was certainly much appreciated!

Quality is at the core of our organization, that is our standard. Providing high-quality logistics services, guaranteeing high quality and all with a focus on the long term: this is what we stand for. The employee is our focus; from the student to the starter and from the medior to the experienced professional. We offer them a stable home base with the world at their feet!

We invest in the long term. This means that we invest a lot of time in educating and training our own colleagues. But in doing so, we do not lose sight of the starter and the student. We educate, we enthuse and we like to inform this new generation about who we are and what we can offer. We have had a good cooperation with Gilde Opleidingen for several years and we are pleased to share our internship stories and experiences.

From internship to entry-level job, that's our motto. We offer many interns and graduates a flying start with us! Would you like to know more about our young ones? Read more... 

At Gilde Opleidingen (website in Dutch), you are trained for the real thing. The educational institution has an eye for the individual and the lessons are taught full of inspiration by professionals for the professionals of the future!

Gilde Opleidingen offers you these logistics-related courses*:

But also other studies*, such as:

*)Website information in Dutch

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