March 18, 2021 is again the "Day of Compulsory Education". This is why we would like to take a moment to remember that fortunately in the Netherlands we have good education and that everyone is entitled to it. KLG finds it important to also make its contribution to educating the Next Generation. This is why we supervise several trainees every semester.

In the logistics industry, you have many opportunities and educations. But is working in logistics something for you? If you like dynamics, speed, challenges, innovation, responsibility and diversity, then working in logistics is definitely something for you!

Logistics is the future and moving with the times. Once you get in touch with that passion for logistics, you will not want anything else. In logistics you can go in any direction. In this article, we will give you more information about different training programs for the best logistics employees.

The logistics industry is constantly evolving and changing. Innovations and developments are constantly taking place. This not only makes it an interesting work environment where you can learn a lot, but it also provides opportunities to grow with the organization. This also creates a culture in which entrepreneurship, proactivity and thinking along with others are highly valued.

To work in logistics, you do not always need a logistics education. A logistics company has various roles For example, we also have an IT department, administration or sales department.

Of course, there are also numerous training programs, courses, workshops and training programs to further develop yourself as a logistics talent, from vocational school to bachelor to master.

At KLG, we supervise students following BBL courses such as Road Transport Driver, Logistics Assistant, Logistics Team Leader or Logistics Supervisor. BBL training means that you go to school one day and gain work experience at KLG for four days. You will also carry out school assignments at your workplace so that theory and practice are closely connected and you can apply them right away.

BOL training comes in different forms, in which you follow a large part of the lessons at school, but also complete internships at companies. Many employees at KLG have taken the Manager Transport and Logistics course at Gilde Opleidingen (website in Dutch). Every semester we offer internships for this course. Many of them are still working as Transport Coordinator or planner at KLG Europe. A similar course near Eersel is the Transport & Logistics course at Summa College in Eindhoven. Another nice MBO program is the Port Logistics Manager program at the Shipping and Transport College in Rotterdam.

Are you looking for a college, bachelor or master degree related to logistics? There are several courses throughout the country. Such as the Logistics Management and/or Logistics Engineering program is offered by Fontys University in Venlo, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Breda University and HAN University of Applied Sciences (Arnhem and Nijmegen). Several universities also offer a Supply Chain master's degree.

There are many other possibilities. At KLG, we also have our own customs department. Our employees in the customs department have completed basic or vocational training in declarant. All our warehouse employees have certificates allowing them to drive on internal transport equipment such as forklifts, pallet trucks, reach trucks, . We also offer our employees working in the Garage/ workshop the opportunity to follow courses or training programs to develop themselves, such as MOT, tachograph, technical specialist, etc.  At KLG we also offer the possibility to obtain these certificates internally. As mentioned earlier, KLG also employs many experienced professionals and specialists. They provide our employees with training such as ADR goods, Customs, Quality, etc. In this way, we all stay abreast of the latest developments and impart knowledge.

So there are many opportunities, but of course the best training is coming to work at KLG Europe. So are you interested? And would you like to work in logistics? We would be pleased to share our passion with you! Check out www.workingatklg.com for vacancies, submit an open application, or contact us! We would be pleased to welcome you to our team!

Websites educational institutions and specific courses:

Here is a list of some logistics courses.

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