We have had the opportunity to meet many enthusiastic students in recent weeks. The future belongs to young people. Therefore, as an organization, we think it is important to bring our practice and knowledge to education. We have highlighted the opportunities within our organization during these various meetings and events. This with thanks to the several educational institutions. But of course also thanks to our own ambassadors, the KLG-er!

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With us, you are never too old to learn. We believe that putting knowledge into practice is more valuable than just the proof on paper. We are an organization where standing still is experienced as going backwards. Being constantly in motion, that is the spirit and our entrepreneurship. "Learning, that’s what you do in school," is often said. But is this true? We question this, in fact. Because, are you ever really too old to learn? Not according to us! You learn the basics at school, but the real tips and tricks you master in your workplace. A safe working environment is necessary to maintain that curiosity. By sharing knowledge within the team, but also by gaining experience from the "old crew" in the organization, we offer training "on the job". In this process, mistakes can happen and then it is most important how you solve them and learn from them. Working together, learning together, growing together and performing together: that is what we at KLG do together!

That is why we pay a lot of attention together with educational institutions to our colleagues of tomorrow.



The future for you

After all, the future is in the hands of the young people who are studying. At KLG Europe we find it very important to build the bridge between education and business. So, last month we visited several school meetings and did our little part to help.

Back to school

We like to show what opportunities KLG has to offer. We do this as realistically as possible by having former pupils and students (our KLG-ers) go back to school. They go back to their old school to make the new pupils and students enthusiastic.

We attended the Fontys Career Event in the ‘Klokgebouw’ in Eindhoven and the Fontys Career Day in Venlo. Here we met many inquisitive and orienteering students. At this job fair students were looking for internships, internship assignments and graduation assignments, as well as starter jobs and side jobs. This was a nice moment to get acquainted with us and to get more information about your possibilities within our organization.

In addition, we were at the Career Café, organized by Summa College in Eindhoven. At this event, both students and job seekers could get acquainted with us and the business community.



During a Masterclass at the Fontys in Venlo, we shared information about the internship opportunities, graduation projects, starter jobs and advancement opportunities within KLG. Then we got to know these students during the Meet & Greet. A unique opportunity to interact and get to know each other even better.


Transport & Logistics industry week

During the Transport & Logistics industry week at Fontys in Eindhoven and Tilburg, we told a personal development story. Questions such as: How do you get from a non-transport related education into the transport and logistics industry? And what were the best lessons in the own development afterwards?  

Catch them young

We like to start as early as possible to introduce young people to our wonderful industry. During various information lessons, we introduce high school students to the opportunities within the logistics industry. This through an interactive way and winning a prize!



Experience the Supply Chain

Our industry is indispensable in our daily operations. Without transportation, no products. This starts from transporting raw material for making products to transporting and storing the finished product. During the joint project Experience the Supply Chain, pupils, students and job seekers have been getting to know our industry already for several years. They literally experience the Supply Chain.


So here we were last month...

So... Were you wondering where we were last month? We were busy getting young people in school excited. We brought our practice, knowledge and capabilities to the educational institutions.

Are you curious about your opportunities within our company? We offer various internships, traineeships and graduation assignments every year. Have you already finished your studies? Check out your starter opportunities within KLG Europe.

Do you have more experience (medior or experienced) and are you looking for a new challenge? We also offer suitable opportunities for you within different fields and different branches. If there is no suitable position for you, we invite you to submit an open application. Or register for the job alert and stay informed about matching challenges!

More information about internship stories, stories from the KLG-er and current news can be found on our websites. Would you still like to get in touch with one of our colleagues? Then contact us directly.

*)These events and meetings are co-hosted by; Fontys Eindhoven, Fontys Venlo, Fontys Tilburg, Gilde Opleidingen Venlo, Rythovius College Eersel, Summa College Eindhoven en Universiteit Maastricht.


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