At KLG, we put development first.

Development of knowledge and skills within the organization and we do not lose sight of our environment. We have close partnerships with educational institutions, industry organizations, other companies but also government agencies. All these collaborations are extremely important for us to be, come and stay in contact with our environment. Guiding trainees and graduates, but also enthusing the Next Generation, are part of our motto: “Learning is inspiring”.  

You learn during school, when doing new tasks and assignments, but you also learn when you teach someone something new. The latter is extremely important for our own learning curve within the organization. Standing still is going backwards. This is our motivation that we have been carrying with us for a century and teaching everyone. And in order to share our passion with others, it is important to be able to inspire.

But we cannot supervise trainees, graduates, new colleagues, can-doers, etc. alone. We have a large and committed team of supervisors, buddies and trainers ready for this. They see the development of their new ones as a development of themselves. Therefore they are very dedicated to train new ones every period and help them in their growth and development. We see this extra dedication reflected in the motivation for nominating the “KLG Kanjer”. For example, supervisors describe being a stirring period such as the start-up of Brexit. By the supervisors but also by the department, the effort is greatly appreciated. They themselves articulate this as “he worked along as a full-fledged employee” but also “he is so included in the team that we really see him as a direct colleague and the word ‘trainee’ is actually insufficient”. 

Our standouts

Some excel so much that they skip the title of “KLG Kanjer” and are offered a contract at the end of the internship period, “he has grown into a full member of our team and as icing on the cake earned a contract at KLG!”

But we also think it is important that we are the company our colleagues like to come to and want to be. During the graduation and internship period (02-2021 to 07-2021), both colleagues and interns could not come to the office completely due to the measures such as working from home and maintaining distance. Despite these measures, we were able to offer everyone the opportunity to be present (partially) in the office. We even added the interns to the rotation schedule and gave them priority with the number of days in the office. Creating the place where someone wants to be, that is our goal and something we will pay more and more attention to. Fortunately, we see that this is also appreciated by our interns;  “he asked almost weekly if he could come to the office more often, because he enjoyed coming to KLG”. 

The KLG Kanjer

KLG Europe supervises more than 10 trainees and graduates from various educational institutions in different departments every semester. Every time we are impressed by the young talent we have. We are proud that we can guide the Next Generation and make them enthusiastic about this beautiful profession. We like to pay extra attention to them and give them something extra in return. 

With us, every trainee competes for the title: KLG Kanjer! At the end of the semester the KLG trainers assess who has earned this title. Of course the end result of the internship is important, but we also take personal growth, collegiality, commitment, etc. into account.

The KLG Kanjer receives nice packages that he or she can enjoy in the short term, but also later use in his or her career.

Sander Creemers and Mark Rietdijk are the KLG Kanjer!

(period 02-2021 up to 07-2021)

Kanjer Sander Creemers

Sander Creemers started working in the planning department at KLG Venlo during a very moving period. “Already during the third week of his internship he was part of the team and worked full time. During his work, he had contact with customers, internal planning, carriers and our partners. During his internship Sander was taken deeper in the daily planning, namely the more complex form of planning; the groupage planning. He also helped us train new colleagues in the department. This summer holiday period, he will once again be joining the Ireland team in the planning department”.

Mark Rietdijk, KLG Kanjer!

Mark Rietdijk conducted research at KLG Rotterdam on how to set up the invoice flow more efficiently. “During his very extensive and detailed report, he described conclusions and recommendations that we can certainly use. The professionalism, skills, collegiality and his good professional attitude made him stand out from the other trainees. A true KLG Kanjer!”

Will you be the next KLG Kanjer?

We challenge you to also come and do an internship at KLG and become the next KLG Kanjer! Or are you curious about the real internship stories? Then read on here or watch the video.

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