Han Hesen, 26 years old, quality and legal intern, 4th year Facility Management student at ZUYD Hogeschool in Heerlen

The moment I entered here, the atmosphere already appealed to me. Everyone is very accessible, the doors are always open and the communication between everyone is very social and pleasant. I feel very much at home here at KLG, since I like to be in a social environment and this is something that KLG has been able to offer me. My department is also very pleasant. Jokes are made, in between work there is talk, there is singing along with songs, but there is also serious work.

In the coming period I will be researching a CO2 neutral KLG. The rules and legislation have changed very quickly in recent years and are becoming increasingly strict. I will be spending 70% of the time doing research for this. The rest of the time I will work in the Quality & Legal department and also monitor the facilities area in order to see my field in action. So now I have the best of both worlds, I can work on my assignment for school, but also gain practical work experience in my field.

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