When I was sixteen, I chose to take the course Commercial Assistant Internal and External Sales at the Gilde Opleidingen in Venlo. During the first school year, we had to look for an internship company. On the recommendation of my teacher, I ended up at KLG. She said that KLG was a good internship company. This turned out to be the case, and I ended up doing all three internships at KLG with pleasure.

I decided to call KLG again
My first internship was short-term and I wanted to expand it with a second internship. This allowed me to learn more about the work and the company. After also completing this internship period and the final internship period arrived, I decided to call KLG again. Since I had no intention of continuing my studies after graduation, I hoped to be able to join KLG after this internship. I was already familiar with the organization through my internships and thus my responsibilities became more and more serious and interesting.

After getting my degree, I was allowed to start working at KLG immediately. I started with the basics of sales. This is managing the sales mail, including issuing daily prices on request from external, I made quotations and performed other sales-oriented work.

I immediately seized this opportunity
By handling sales mail, I gained a lot of knowledge and expertise. Not only how KLG works and is put together internally, but I also gained a lot of transportation-related knowledge. After a year and a half, I moved on to a new challenge. During a sales meeting it came up that a position would become available for an inside sales position. I immediately seized this opportunity and got the chance to prove myself in this new position. In this position I was allowed to perform various supportive tasks for my directly associated colleague, a sales field employee. In addition, I made many acquisition calls to bring in new customers.

I happily fulfilled this function for 3.5 years.

Over the years, I have expressed my ambition

I myself have always had the ambition to grow into field sales, to build and manage a customer base myself.  But first, I needed the necessary experience to develop and prepare myself for this position. Over the years, I have expressed my ambition in this, and in the fourth quarter of 2020, I moved on to sales field sales. A great new development within my career.

I have now been working as a Sales Executive for over three years. The start of this new position was during the Corona period. This was an eventful year in which physical contact was temporarily not possible. A big part of my job is to have contact with (potential) customers and to build up a long-term relationship. Because this was temporarily not possible, it caused a different startup than I had envisioned. But I did not let this influence me. With a modified plan, I set to work and tried to make as many new contacts as possible in different ways through different social media channels. This succeeded and led to great results.

KLG sets me goals and gives me the space and freedom to achieve them

About the same time I started in my new position, our sales manager went into a well-deserved retirement. This gave me the opportunity to add some nice existing customers to my customer portfolio. This provided a good foundation. In recent years, I have been able to develop existing customers and welcome new customers into our company. KLG sets me goals and gives me the space and freedom to achieve them. I look forward to continuing to develop within my role and welcoming many new customers into the KLG family.

KLG is a nice employer, you get the space to develop yourself
Furthermore, you can always turn to someone in the organization, discuss and then make a quick decision. We work in a nice and pleasant team. Everyone works well together and I find that very pleasant. KLG is a nice employer, you get the space to develop yourself. This is seen, you are motivated and this is rewarded in opportunities you are offered. By now I know everyone in the organization and you know what to expect from each other. KLG is a nice mix between a large and also a small company. This is how I tell our customers, but also new customers, that we have a unique mix. We offer the possibilities of a large logistics company, but at the same time we are flexible like a small company and we are service-oriented. I personally believe this is a good combination.

I look forward to my further development within KLG and all the opportunities that will come my way. I hope to be around here for some more time for sure.


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