I once started in Planning and then I worked in the Sales Department. Meanwhile, I am then in the Packaging department and also support the Operations Manager administratively. If you have ambitions to develop yourself, KLG will certainly be sympathetic to that.

Together with my colleague, I am responsible for the Packaging Department. We have the freedom to arrange our work ourselves and handle all data flexibly as long as we have everything settled at the end of the day. Especially this freedom is very important to me!

Every day is different and that is very nice. Also, together with my colleague, I make sure that we achieve a positive result. We are pretty fanatical about it.

We have a great team. During the period that I was working at home because of the Corona virus, I really noticed that I missed my colleagues in particular.

Within KLG, everyone does their best to put their best foot forward. The commitment of the staff is typical of the " KLG mentality".

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