"When I started at KLG eight years ago, the sales department also did the tenders. Now that we have a dedicated department for it, it's only getting really big. KLG is always ahead of the curve in this regard. I like that. When we win a tender, it's a multi-year plan that requires very specific processes. It's nice to see that a big company like KLG can still be so flexible in this.

I applied to KLG Europe in the middle of the crisis for a position that did not yet exist and for which there was no vacancy. Yet I was hired. KLG is always looking to the future and prefers to choose good people who can do something rather than those who only have the right papers.

The feeling and atmosphere here in the family business charmed me immediately. The personal approach, the sense of togetherness and the fact that everyone knows each other by first name is noticeable everywhere.

Walk into the office and even the director of KLG Europe makes time for you at any time of day, if possible.

The KLG organization is as dynamic as its industry. It is already taking into account a future where 3D printers are normal and the government likes to transport by rail or barge. This is how we survived the crisis and are still going strong.

We regularly attend meetings to keep up to date with the industry and our profession. That way you learn new things all the time.

At KLG we have a good time together. Everyone gets the space to be themselves and the opportunity to take advantage of opportunities."

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