"When I joined KLG in 2012, it was still a relatively small company. In the meantime, a lot has changed, but then again, a lot has not.

Yes, the number of colleagues has tripled and the number of activities has expanded significantly but the atmosphere, approachability and dynamics are still the same and I like that.

After various positions, I am currently responsible for the supply chain department which includes the tender team, performance control and the operational excellence team. In short, this means that we are active across the entire KLG supply chain, from attracting new customers (tenders) to the final performance measurements of shipments carried out (performance control). In between those two extremes, the operational excellence team is continuously optimizing and digitizing processes across the entire organization.

Innovation is an important aspect of my work with which we prepare KLG for the future. To this end, we regularly visit meetings to stay abreast of the industry and our profession and have close ties with training institutes, from high schools to universities. This way you keep learning new things and avoid tunnel vision. I think it's great to see that a large company like KLG can be so flexible.

Within KLG we deal with each other informally where everyone is given the space to be themselves and the opportunity to take advantage of opportunities."

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