"I studied the course 'Manager Transport & Logistics' mbo level 4 at the Gilde Opleidingen in Venlo. At KLG I started the first two weeks in the Benelux department. Then a position became available at 24plus (import) and they asked if I wanted to do an internship here, with the prospect of a contract at the end of the internship.

KLG is a pleasant internship company, they take time for you to explain everything well and there are several work instructions prepared, so you can always look back if you don't remember. Also, colleagues will help you if you have questions here and there.

As mentioned, I was given the chance to make this my first real job after my internship, I accepted this immediately and to this day I have no regrets.

I have now been in the Express & Intermodal department since the end of 2018, these are two different branches of (tran)sport. Express says it all a bit: these are the urgent trips that customers request when they are almost out of stock, for example. With Intermodal you have to think about container transport by rail, but also loading the container at a Terminal and then unloading it at the customer."

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