KLG Europe is a global logistics service provider. The cross-dock (x-dock) department is an important part of the logistics chain. This is where different goods come in, are redistributed and also placed right back with the outgoing goods. Most goods arrive and leave within 24 hours. This is the main difference with a warehouse, where goods are stored for longer periods of time.

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Our focus is mainly on groupage/ partial loads. This means that at the crossdock you have to load different goods of different sizes into a trailer as efficiently as possible. Working as a warehouse employee in our crossdock means a lot of variety and challenge. The main activities are loading, unloading, scanning, stickering, measuring, weighing and checking. You do this with scanning equipment and a forklift or EPT.

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"The team at KLG is very collegial. Everyone helps each other and together we put our shoulders to the wheel."

Huub Seuren
Crossdock Employee
The story of Huub

Working on the crossdock at KLG Europe?

At the crossdock (x-dock) the different goods arrive. Here they are redistributed and are gone within 24 hours. This is different than warehousing. Here the goods are stored for a longer period of time. Working at the crossdock is very varied and dynamic. It is a hectic work environment in which you and your colleagues put your shoulders to the wheel and ensure that all goods leave on time and correctly. You mainly work with a forklift and/ or electric pallet truck and are busy loading, unloading, stickering, scanning, etc.

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