Barend Wouters - International Driver

In this column we take a look at the workplaces of different colleagues every period. We are included in the daily tasks and responsibilities. This time we are very welcome at the workplace of Barend Wouters. Barend is an international driver with us and takes us to his workplace. And tells us more about the best thing about his profession as an International Driver.

Barend is 51 years old, is married, has two children and has been working at the branch in Eersel for over 13 years. “As an International Driver you are on the road a lot. That makes me extra focused on my family and the time that is available during the weekends is mainly spent with my family.” Barend’s workplace is always on the go. The workplace is a kind of a second home with a different location and view every day and every hour. The cabin door opens and we get in the truck. Barend tells straight away: “I do not have a fairground truck, because I like the original layout.” Pointing to the signs with the names, Barend continues: “I am proud of my children and that is why, of course, I have their names on a nice sign.”

The start of the week…

The start of the week has begun. First of all, the cabin is fully furnished, a kind of second home for a full week. The cabin is fully equipped and the seats are very comfortable! Barend explains that as an International Driver at KLG, the trip usually starts on a Sunday evening or at Monday morning. The trips from Eersel are to France, this is why the departures start early in the week. The key is turned and the start of the day and the week begins definitively.

On the way…

The first unloading address is already visible on the board computer. With the pre-established departure schedule, the trip, the load factor, details of the goods and much more of this trip are displayed. “Our branch in Eersel specializes in groupage and LTL load to and from France, so you always departure with a full truck.”

In the meantime we have arrived at the first unloading address. Barend reports to the customer to coordinate what needs to be unloaded and where the customer would like us to unload his cargo. Once back in the cabin, Barend explains that it is also possible that the registration has already been done by the Planner in advance. The mutual contact moments with colleagues are very important. Barend: “I think contact with colleagues is very important, Stijn is my fixed Planner. This way of working is great and you know where you stand with each other. I am also in contact with the other Planners. But the feeling that you know that another colleague always “rides” with you and can help you when there are matters, gives a good feeling. KLG is a good and honest employer, people are employed for a long time and there is a low staff turnover. That says something about being a good employer, right?”

The mountains of the French landscape come into view more and more, the elongated field of sunflowers rapidly follow. On the question whether Barend is proud of our own fleet, the answer is a resounding “yes”. “Yes, of course! That is also a reason to work at KLG! The material is excellent and perfect. The maintenance in the workshop as well. Furthermore, the mutual atmosphere within the organization is friendly, we are all equal and that is what makes it so beautiful!”

During the rest of the week there is often contact with the Plannings department to coordinate things. The evenings are filled with dining together with other drivers. The mutual contact with other drivers is pleasant but also important. Getting together and telling the stories is a perfect end of the day and gives you plenty energy for tomorrow.

Barend says with a laugh that in addition to dining together, there is often a joint refueling moment on Sundays, when suddenly a gas station is completely occupied with KLG trucks in a row, which all refuel at the same time. “We just turn it into a KLG gas station”.

The way back…

On the way back we come to the conclusion that after all the conversations that have taken place, it appears again that: the driving and the freedom are the most beautiful elements of the profession. “I like it when I can have a nice meal with some colleagues in the evening. That is the time of the day. Furthermore, the work itself also makes it fun and the beautiful trips of course! But the mutual contact with colleagues from other departments and with the colleague drivers is also good and friendly. And as final words; that we may all continue to work together as a team for a very long time!”

KLG Europe is making great strides, we manage to grow as an organization every year and are therefore always searching  for new colleagues. Are you searching  for freedom, variety and challenging work? As an International Driver, no day is the same. Take a quick look at our current vacancies in the field of road transport or view the vacancy for International Driver directly.

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