In 2022 there is still the idea that logistics is only for men, but it is so much more! Women who currently drive the truck, are part of the teams in, among other things, an HR department which is responsible for our new employees, an IT department where the technical future is shaped, the sales department, the planning for the transports and so much more! Besides that, it has become impossible to imagine life without women in logistics. They often have a different way of thinking and this offers new and additional perspectives.

In short, there is so much more behind those trucks and the work in the warehouse. The number of women within KLG has grown a lot recently and these power women contribute to the growth of KLG.

As an organization it is important to continue to develop throughout the growth. In this way, teams become larger and have more diversity, which creates new tasks and functions.

Several new departments have been added over the years, for example the Quality and Legal department, where women are also part of the team. Due to the rapid growth of our organization, we have started to focus on digitization and automation. In this way we try to make tasks and processes more efficient and effective. As a result, the IT department has grown strongly in recent years. We recently welcomed our first female colleague in the IT department, Shirley. She says that she soon noticed that we do not make a distinction between people here at KLG; “There is no difference here between men and women, nor between people of different ethnicities and cultures.”

Not only has KLG grown and developed, but we also offer these growth and development opportunities to our employees. Mariska has been working with us for years. She started at KLG with a holiday- and part-time job at the reception. Mariska soon knew that she wanted to work after the end of her studies, but where was still a mystery. KLG soon offered her the opportunity to start as a customer service employee within KLG. Mariska has always enjoyed this, but over the years she has specialized in other aspects within KLG, which ultimately resulted in her current position of Quality & Legal manager. Mariska is the living proof that our women have also grown with KLG; “The organization has grown and changed hard and I have changed with it, due to which I have seen and created several opportunities for myself to make it an interesting position.”

We would like to attract more women to work in logistics. Not only to optimize the group dynamics within our organization, but also because we consider diversity and a good balance between men and women important. We do not distinguish between men and women and therefore find it very important that women can also fully use their qualities and competences.

In the planning department as well, the work is not only reserved for men and there is plenty of challenge. Our planners ensure that all shipments arrive efficiently, on time and at the right address, according to the agreements made. This requires a lot of arrangements, multitasking and organizing, which is a challenge for many. Bobby is part of the Benelux department, regardless of being among many men, she feels that she is at the right spot; "It is not because I am a woman in logistics that I feel different or feel like I do not fit in."

The amount of female colleagues within KLG is growing, something we are very proud of. We offer plenty of options and countless of functions for everyone. Would you also like to join our group of power women? Check our vacancies or watch our vlog about KLG's Girl Power via YouTube.

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