"I fulfilled the graduation internship of the study 'ICT & Media Design', at Fontys Hogescholen in Eindhoven, at KLG Europe Venlo. My assignment was to develop a website (Partner Portal). This portal makes it possible to automatically put the bills of lading of partners into our system. This saved a lot of manual work in several places within the organization.

KLG is an open learning company where, when you apply yourself, you can learn a lot. In the years I have been here, I have worked with different programming languages and databases, from the start of software design to the end with end-user support.

KLG Europe offered me the opportunity to start my career in ICT after my studies. As a programmer, we work (as a team) on the KLG portal where customers can book, track shipments and request quotes. Added to that same portal recently are the functionalities of the Partner Portal (my final internship). KLG takes your internship research seriously and will work with the end result.

In addition to "web" projects, we are also working on an Android application (native written for the curious) to send trip scheduling up and down for the driver between different devices/systems. Also, the Planning Department can track these drivers live in their application software."

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